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Abbas Shafiee

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of levofloxacin derivatives with certain bulky residues on piperazine ring.

Authors: Foroumadi A , Emami S , Mansouri S , Javidnia A , Saeid-Adeli N , Shirazi FH , Shafiee A ,
European journal of medicinal chemistry , Vol., No. 0223-5234 (Print) , 20070619 ,Page:0
A number of levofloxacin analogues carrying a 2-aryl-2-oxoethyl or a 2-aryl-2-oxyiminoethyl moiety attached to the piperazine ring at C-10 position have been prepared and evaluated as antibacterial agents against a series of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Some of them exhibited significant inhibitory activity against Gram-positive bacteria.