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Abbas Shafiee

Pre-column derivatization of rofecoxib for determination in serum by HPLC.

Authors: Amini M , Hamedani MP , Vosooghi M , Nabavi M , Shafiee A ,
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry , Vol., No. 1618-2642 (Print) , 20050706 ,Page:0
An HPLC method for determination of rofecoxib in human serum is presented. The method is based on pre-column derivatization of analyte to a phenanthrene derivative of the drug. Rofecoxib and the internal standard were extracted from serum using liquid-liquid extraction. Upon exposure to UV light, the drug was found to undergo a photocyclization reaction, giving a species with high absorbance. Validation of the method has been studied in the concentration range 10-500 ng ml(-1).