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Abbas Shafiee

Long-acting contraceptive agents: aliphatic and alicyclic carboxylic esters of levonorgestrel.

Authors: Shafiee A , Vossoghi M , Savabi F , Watson TG , Schubert K , Ponsold K , Werner W , Wagner H , Vlahov R , Tarpanov V , et al. ,
Steroids , Vol., No. 0039-128X (Print) , 19840214 ,Page:0
Esters of levonorgestrel (13 beta-ethyl-17 alpha-ethynyl-17 beta-hydroxygon-4-en-3-one) with a variety of aliphatic and alicyclic carboxylic acids have been prepared and characterised. In tests for the suppression of estrus in rats, esters with short-chain aliphatic acids and with cyclobutane-carboxylic acid were considerably more active than the standard, norethisterone enanthate (17 alpha-ethynyl-17 beta-hydroxyestr-4-en-3-one). Such esters show great promise for development as long-acting progestogens.