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Mahmood Alimohammadi

Development of innovative computer software to facilitate the setup andcomputation of water quality index

Authors: Ramin Nabizadeh.,Maryam Valadi Amin .,Mahmood Alimohammadi., Kazem NaddafiAmir Hossein Mahvi., Samira Yousefzadeh .,
Keywords: Drinking water, Water quality standards, Water quality index, Water quality software,
Journal of EnvironmentaHealth Science and Engineeringl, Vol., No., 2013,Page:

Developing a water quality index which is used to convert the water quality dataset into a

single number is the most important task of most water quality monitoring programmes. As

the water quality index setup is based on different local obstacles, it is not feasible to

introduce a definite water quality index to reveal the water quality level. In this study, an

innovative software application, the Iranian Water Quality Index Software (IWQIS), is

presented in order to facilitate calculation of a water quality index based on dynamic weight

factors, which will help users to compute the water quality index in cases where some

parameters are missing from the datasets. A dataset containing 735 water samples of drinking

water quality in different parts of the country was used to show the performance of this

software using different criteria parameters. The software proved to be an efficient tool to