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Davood Beiki

Role of Tc-99m RBC scintigraphy in specific diagnosis of liver hemangioma

Authors: Fard-Esfahani A, Nazar-Ahari M, Assadi M, Saghari M, Eftekhari M, Fallahi B, Beiki D, Takavar A,
Alasbimn J, Vol.8, No.32, 2006,Page:1-5

ABSTRACT Hemangioma is one of the most common benign tumors. "Differentiating hemangiomas from malignant tumoral lesions and metastases by a non-invasive method is so important". This case shows an asymptomatic patient with incidental finding of a large hepatic hemangioma and the role of the Tc-99m RBC SPECT study in final diagnosis and localization of the tumor.