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Davood Beiki

Evaluation of 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP mixture in wild-type rodents as a novel combined palliative treatment of bone pain agent

Authors: Ranjbar S, Bahrami-Samani A, Beiki D, Shirvani-Arani S, Ghannadi-Maragheh M,
Keywords: 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP, Combined radiopharmaceutical, Biodistribution, Pain palliation, Bone metastases
J Radioanal Nucl Chem, Vol.303, No.1, 2015,Page:71-79

Abstract In this work, the cocktail complex 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP was prepared in high radiochemical purity (more  than 99 %) using in house synthesized EDTMP ligand for obtaining a possible synergistic wide range palliative agent. The mixture was administered to wild-type rats and biodistribution data collected after 2 h to 7 days showed at least 70 % accumulation of the radioactivity in the bone tissues. Scintigraphic images were taken from wild-type rats injected with 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP after 24 h and the biodistribution was shown to be consistent with post-mortem data. A comparative accumulation study was performed for vital organs up to 7 days. 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP seemed a promising agent for bone pain palliation therapy in skeletal metastases in humans 24 as a novel combined radiopharmaceutical.