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Davood Beiki

Development of radiolanthanide labeled porphyrin complexes as possible therapeutic agents in beast carcinoma xenografts

Authors: Vahidfar N, Jalilian AR, Fazaeli Y, Aghanejad A, Bahrami-Samani A, Alirezapoor B, Erfani M, Beiki D, Khalaj A,
Keywords: Dimethoxy porphyrins; Yb-175; Sm-153; Biodistribution; Breast carcinoma xenografts
Radiochimica Acta, Vol.102, No.7, 2014,Page:659-668

Radiolabeled porphyrins are potential tumor avid radiopharmaceuticals because of their behaviour in the human body, ability to complex various radionuclides, water solubility, low toxicity etc., in this work radio ytterbium/samarium porphyrin complexes have been developed. 175Yb and 153Sm labeled 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) porphyrins ([175Yb]-TDMPP/[153Sm]-TDMPP) were prepared using 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) porphyrin (H2TDMPP) and [175Yb]YbCl3 or [153Sm]SmCl3 in 12–24 h at 60 ℃. Stability of the complexes were checked in final formulation and human serum for 24 h, followed by partition coefficient determination and biodistribution studies in wild type and breast carcinoma-bearing mice. The radiocomplexes were obtained with acceptable radiochemical purity (> 95% (paper chromatography) and > 96% (HPLC) for [175Yb]-TDMPP and > 97% (paper chromatography) and >98% (HPLC) for [153Sm]-TDMPP) with specific activities of 12–15 GBq/mmol and 278 GBq/mmol at the end of bombardment for [175Yb]-TDMPP and [153Sm]-TDMPP respectively. The partition coefficients were determined for [175Yb]-TDMPP and [153Sm]-TDMPP) (log P = 0.63 and log P = 0.96 respectively). The [175Yb]-TDMPP complex is mostly washed out from the circulation through kidneys. Liver and spleen also demonstrated significant activity uptake in 72 h post injection. Also [153Sm]-TDMPP, is mostly washed out from the circulation through kidneys, however lungs are the major accumulation sites. The [153Sm]-TDMPP complex demonstrated significant targeted uptake in breast carcinoma xenografts with tumor: blood ratios of 10.67, 10.47 and 19.01 in 24, 48 and 72 h respectiv