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Davood Beiki

Development and evaluation of a 166holmium labelled porphyrin complex as a possible therapeutic agent

Authors: Vahidfar N, Jalilian AR, Fazaeli Y, Bahrami-Samani A, Beiki D, khalaj A,
Keywords: Porphyrins, 166Ho, Half life, Biodistribution, SPECT
J Radioanal Nucl Chem , Vol.295, No., 2013,Page:979-986

Porphyrins are interesting derivatives with low toxicity, tumor avidity and rapid wash-out suggested as potential radiopharmaceuticals in radiolabeled form. In this work, [166Ho] labeled 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(phenyl) porphyrin ([166Ho]-TPP) was prepared using [166Ho]HoCl3 and 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(phenyl)porphyrin (H2TPP) for 12 h at 50 °C (radiochemical purity: >95 ± 2 % ITLC, >99 ± 0.5 % HPLC, specific activity: 0.9–1.1 GBq/mmol). Stability of the complex was checked in final formulation and human serum for 48 h. The partition coefficient was calculated for the compound (log P = 2.01). The biodistribution of the labeled compound in vital organs of wild-type rats was studied using scarification studies and SPECT. A detailed comparative pharmacokinetic study performed for 166Ho cation and [166Ho]-TPP performed up to 24 h. The complex is mostly washed out from the circulation through kidneys and in less extends from the liver. The kidney:blood, kidney:liver and kidney:muscle ratios 4 h post injection were 14, 3.6 and 7.38 respectively.